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The Grace Youth Organization

Developing Positive Skills Sets

A Wide Range of Enrichment Programs

 The Grace Youth Organization has been nurturing and supporting our community’s youth since 2017. All of our programs are designed with their best interests in mind. At The Grace Youth Organization, we provide our youth with the skills they need to thrive in society. From our Fundraising Opportunities to our Volunteering Trips, we have a variety of programs that are available to all. Browse through our services, and see the extent of what we have to offer.

Our Services

Teenager at Home

Independent Living Skills

Student Presentation

Communication Skills

A Supportive Hug

Anger Management Skills

Young Man in Therapy

Substance Abuse Counseling



Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

The Grace Youth Organization's mission is to empower underserved and unrepresented youth to overcome unhealthy attitudes and behaviors in a uniquely structured and supportive environment.  The Grace Youth Organization's goal is to provide quality supportive service's to an already vulnerable population. The Grace Youth Organization will have a significant impact on the needs of our communities. Our goal is to assist young adults in transitioning into adult hood, by providing culturally relevant and sensitive services which are designed to improve the quality of their lives.

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Interested in getting involved with The Grace Youth Organization and discovering more about our work? Please Contact us today and see what we have to offer! Due to COVID-19 we are doing online services until further notice.

Online Services only due to COVID-19

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