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Leonardo Bennett

Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary 17th Edition Torrent __LINK__

The CEPD does contain all of the colours of the traditional book, and a wealth of information. The alphabetical entries are well organised into topic sections and alphabetically ordered according to English dialect. The Standard Dictionary records the colour and room in which a dialect's pronunciation is given. There are also individual letter sections devoted to vowel quality, consonant allophones, most schwa types, short vowels, diphthongs, stressed and unstressed words, and the letter '?' (the symbol used by the International Phonetic Alphabet). Sections devoted to foreign words provide pronunciation information for only about 50% of such words in English. The English standard pronunciation is recorded here in the main pages for diversity.

cambridge english pronouncing dictionary 17th edition torrent

The present edition of the CEPD provides tables of pronunciation symbols for all of the letters of the alphabet (in the main pages), a section of Accents and Consonants, alphabetically ordered, and one for a list of the Fricatives and Nasals (p. 257). Individual letter entries also include information about the distribution of schwa in English. In the phonetic sections of the alphabet, the vowels /a, e, i, o, u/ and the long vowel /u:/ are given separately for the front and back of the mouth, and there is also a pronunciation sub-entry for diphthongs (e.g. /eu/, /eI/, etc. ). The distribution of the schwa is shown in the Distribution of the Unequal Vowel tables, with the rhotic and non-rhotic versions shown separately. Though the CEPD does a good job of recording information on English sounds in all of these sections, there are a few omissions and inaccuracies that it would be worth correcting before publication. It would be desirable to follow the traditional practice of showing stressed and unstressed forms as the same variety of phoneme (see Wells, 2004), as is the case in both the American and British English sections. This would also give CEPD users a better sense of what the CEPD is recording.


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