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Leonardo Bennett
Leonardo Bennett

How to build amazing redstone circuits with Baritone and Schematica

All right, so here we go: I start with just a small cave and a small dirt patch. Now, because I don't have anything to put in the dirt, this means nothing will be found. Because of this, I can just go in and dig all the way to Y=48. Of course, I can't find anything because I'm digging too deep. No redstone, no obsidian, no diamonds, no lapis lazuli, and no gold.

Baritone v1.2.8 redstone mining issue in minecraft 1.12.2


MumboJumbo first played Minecraft as a child and would later start a server of his own using Java Edition. MumboJumbo would later start a "show" on YouTube, which was later taken over by "The Mumble Shark." MumboJumbo has hosted a variety of shows including Server Performances, Community Showcase, Statment Showcase, Deathmatch, RPG's and Knowledge at Your Fingertips. He is also a writer, having produced a book titled "How Minecraft Saved My Life" in the autumn of 2017. He is a television personality, a musician, and a co-host on Season 7 of the RWS (Redstone Worship Society) Podcast. He is also the host of "MumboJumbo on Mumble" on the Heylend server.

For these reasons, he has become the unofficial "IP of the Minecraft community", and the brainchild of a "blockbuster" discovery made in 2009 in an attempt to use "Minecraft inspired" technology to create a color-changing LED from the Minecraft block, "Redstone". No one ever found it, even though the discovery was mentioned in a few books and taught in a few classes as the "Redstone discovery" or "redstone discovery". MumboJumbo created his own version of the discovery that is now popularly known as the "Mumbo Lantern". He has since been working on models of other popular Minecraft discoveries such as the "Mumbo RPG".


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