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1 Valorant Aim Assist

It's night & day playing with mouse & keyboard in any title that doesn't support aim assist for controller users, just wow. Overwatch, PUBG (console, PC), Tom Clancy's Siege (no aim assist while playing real players), Valorant and so on.

1 Valorant Aim Assist

I honestly think most of the mouse & keyboard players gave up on Apex Legends because of the aim assist. Getting beamed in your back gets old quickly. Something needs to change in Apex Legends. It's a fun title, but without always running software helping controllers aim.Aim assist is why Apex Legends will never be a true competitive title.

If anyone on mouse & keyboard is getting frustrated with Apex Legends, play a game without aim assist, it's very relaxing. People miss shots, you miss shots, all one happy game, well unless someone has an RNG gaming GPU fan.

@KoreyCreative Aim assist has to be there since you can't have the same aim precision with a pad like you have with m&k. However i do think they need to lower it a bit on PC since we see some laser beams by controller players. Removing it completely would be the wrong idea though.

Valorant became popular because most mouse & keyboard players knew it wouldn't cater to the aim assist community, so they invested their time into it. Streamers suggested changing aim assist to Respawn, but they wouldn't listen, here we are. Streamers now don't even talk about it because they get blasted if they talk negatively about aim assist, so they slowly move towards different titles, including Valorant.

The transition to mobile had been slightly easier for the Riot team, according to Donlon, and a tactical shooter did not translate as naturally to consoles. Another challenge was maintaining the level of competitive integrity that was so important to the game, especially with the aim assist that comes with controllers.

Aim Assist is a technology that helps players on controllers to aim in-game. Since it is naturally difficult to aim with analog sticks due to the limited motion they offer, developers offer multiple aim assist acceleration curves to aid players in-game. Simply put, it is a tool that evens the playing field between console and PC players in first-person shooter (FPS) games. It guides and slows down the crosshair onto enemies while using a controller to compensate for its inaccuracy in comparison to playing on a keyboard and mouse. It is one of the most heated debates in the gaming community: Controller with aim assist vs keyboard and mouse. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) allows players to customize and play around with their aim settings while on a controller.

Meanwhile, precision is a strong aim slowdown that only kicks in when aiming close to targets and is suggested for those who are comfortable and accurate with their shots. Focusing aim assist is for players who may be new to analog aiming and is a strong aim slowdown. It kicks in when the shot narrowly misses a target. If you have played Black Ops previously and prefer those over the Modern Warfare games, you can opt for the last option.

aim assist does very little for precision. it doesn't do flicks for them, it doesn't do microadjustments. maybe in apex where tracking is the most important aim style, but not even the best controller player will be anywhere near plat levels of aim on pc.

The most optimal way to play the tactical shooter from the League of Legends developer is to utilize a mouse and keyboard, as players who use a controller will not be given any kind of aim-assist. As you may know, aim-assist is when a game helps players using a controller to get and stay on target when aiming, considering it is harder to do so with the joysticks of controllers.

However, if the title ever does make its way onto the console platforms of Xbox and PlayStation, there is no doubt that Riot Games would provide optimal support for players to use their controllers to play that would include aim assist. Other popular PC first-person shooters like Overwatch and Call of Duty transition well to controllers on consoles.

It is a competitive game that is designed for the mouse and keyboard and that means, you will not have aim-assist in controllers to save your muddy firing! You may think of yourself as an expert on console gaming but remember that you will be pitted against mouse and keyboard experts and that too with aim-assist.

Playing with your controller is a very tough task when we are talking about Valorant. With no aim-assist, wonky movement when using a stick, and hard to detect dead zones; you will need to play valorant with a controller. 041b061a72


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