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Leonardo Bennett
Leonardo Bennett

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"During the program I had the chance to work on ideas that span across various industries both conceptually and techinically. I was able to use the resources and spend quality time developing projects that are artistically driven and have personal value to myself, while exploring mediums that are helpful for my professional paths. This allowed me to truly use the program as a playground and I was able to land on projects and jobs I was interested in upon graduation.I have been working for VFX studios and experiential creative studios on Virtual Production projects as well as Final Pixel projects using Unreal Engine. The flexibility of the software itself plus diversity of knowledge I gained from Fiction and Entertainment has allowed me to be working smoothly across industries and project types including but not limited to Music Videos, TV, Feature Films, Documentaries, Concert, Art Exhibition and Festivals, namely Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman, Aku Art Basel Miami, Maroon 5, Icelandic National NYE VR concert with Sigur Ros, as well as Commercial and VFX projects where I worked closely with Beatsaber/Oculus, NOWNESS, HYPEBEAST, NIKE and many others."

Living On The Edge Of Time Yuksek Download Movies


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