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[S7E1] Truth Or Consequences

The episode opens depicting terrorist Saleem Ulman (Omid Abtahi) interrogating a captive in the dusty room of a prison camp in Somalia. The camera angle shifts to show that the captive is NCIS Agent Tony DiNozzo, who stubbornly refuses to give up any information. Unfamiliar with NCIS and Tony's mission, Saleem administers a truth serum and questions Tony extensively about the inner workings of the agency, how he was able to find his base of operations and why he traveled so far in his quest. Unable to keep quiet due to the serum's effects, Tony begins to recap the three months at NCIS since Ziva disappeared.[3]

[S7E1] Truth or Consequences

He reveals that he's spoken with Joint Chiefs and also with Mossad before stating that the hard truth is they're not gonna send a SEAL team into the desert based on a theory that Saleem Ulman can't live without his daily Caf-Pow!

Tony then remarks that he can't stop thinking the movie "True Lies" where Arnie was strapped to the chair and shot full of truth serum before stating that Arnie picked his cuffs and killed everyone.

In the NCIS episode "Truth or Consequences," the team is still reeling from the loss of Ziva as they begin their search for her replacement. Gibbs and his team must put their feelings aside and get back to work. During the episode, the team is tasked with a bizarre case in which someone tried to smuggle a koala into a submarine. As they investigate, the team must grapple with their emotions and the difficult truth of their situation.

The episode is filled with light moments, including a hilarious shot of Gibbs. For fans of the show, these moments serve to provide a bit of levity and respite from the difficult truth that the team is facing. The episode also serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of the team, as they come together to solve the case despite their grief.

As Starlight and Twilight continually clash, Starlight creates numerous alternate futures in which Equestria falls into ruin. Twilight brings Starlight with her to one future in order to show her the consequences of her actions, but Starlight refuses to accept the truth. When Twilight asks why Starlight acts this way, Starlight reveals that when she was a filly, her best friend Sunburst earned his cutie mark and left for Canterlot, leaving a young Starlight without a friend and with a fear of losing potential future friends. After bargaining with Twilight, Starlight decides to allow the rainboom to occur, restoring the present day.

I loved this scene for being the the one where the Doctor needed a hug the most and, as at the end of The Zygon Inversion, didn't shy away from it. I loved this scene for being equal to his war speech in terms of the beauty and truth of the emotion, but surpassing it because the crisis could not be averted, only faced with bravery. I loved this scene for Clara's farewell to the clever boy who will want to run from his emotions but will forever remember her. It was terrible and beautiful and delicately handled.

David and Matt really made The Doctor their own and left a mark on the hearts of fans. They have a gift for truthfully conveying all the emotions of the character and making the viewer feel what he feels - joy, sadness, triumph, defeat. One minute you'll be laughing at his antics, the next crying for his pain. It wasn't only great writing that managed this, though the perfect words have to be written, but the actors who were more than up to the challenge, who blew that challenge out of the water. Their profound talent is evident in every episode, and so it was difficult to say goodbye.

Through this discrepancy, the evolution of our relationship to celebrity internet culture is evident. We now understand the consequences that misogynistic publicity can have on young women in the spotlight and actively work to circumvent these effects. We question biases and incentives; we villainize those who exploit the lives of others for personal gain.

(The Major is a fiery red-head in a rust coloureduniform) KIRA: You are throwing it all away! All of you! BUREAUCRAT [on monitor]: You're being a fool! KIRA: Well then, don't ask my opinion next time! (turns off the monitor) KIRA: Yes? SISKO: I'm Benjamin Sisko. KIRA: I suppose you want the office. SISKO: Well, I thought I'd say hello first and then take the office,but we could do it in any order you'd like. KIRA: Hello. SISKO: Is something bothering you, Major? KIRA: You don't want to ask me that, Commander. SISKO: Why not? KIRA: Because I have the bad habit of telling the truth even whenpeople don't want to hear it. SISKO: Perhaps I want to hear it. KIRA: I don't believe the Federation has any business being here. SISKO: The provisional government disagrees with you. KIRA: The provisional government and I don't agree on a lot of thingswhich is probably why they've sent me to this god-forsaken place. Ihave been fighting for Bajoran independence since I was old enough topick up a phaser. We finally drive the Cardassians out and what do ournew leaders do? They call up the Federation and invite them right in. SISKO: The Federation is only here to help KIRA: Help us. Yes, I know. The Cardassians said the same thing sixtyyears ago. SISKO: Major, when I was ordered here, I requested a Bajoran nationalas my first officer. It made sense. It still does, at least to me. Now,you and I are going to have to (Beep) ODO [OC]: (mostly human but a very bland face) Yes, Major? KIRA: Odo, are you reading something at A-fourteen? ODO [on monitor]: My security array has been down for two hours. I'llmeet you there. KIRA: We've been having a lot of break-ins lately. No need for you tocome along, Commander. (So he follows her)

(Ben and Jennifer having a picnic) JENNIFER: Jennifer. SISKO: Yes, that was her name. JENNIFER: She is part of your existence. SISKO: She is part of my past. She's no longer alive. JENNIFER: But she is part of your existence. SISKO: She was a most important part of my existence, but I lost hersome time ago. JENNIFER: Lost? what is this? SISKO: In a linear existence, we can't go back to the past to getsomething we left behind, so it's lost. JENNIFER: It is inconceivable that any species could exist in such amanner. You are deceiving us. SISKO: No, this is the truth. This day, this park, it was almostfifteen years ago. Far in the past. It was a day that was veryimportant to me, a day that shaped every day that followed. That is theessence of a linear existence. Each day affects the next. (we look over to what actually happened that day) SISKO 2: Listen to it. JENNIFER 2: To what? SISKO 2: The sound of children playing. What could be more beautiful? JENNIFER 2: So you like children? SISKO 2: That almost sounds like a domestic inquiry. JENNIFER 2: I've heard Starfleet officers don't want families becausethey complicate their lives. SISKO 2: Starfleet officers don't often find mates who want to raisefamilies on a starship. JENNIFER 2: That almost sounds like a domestic inquiry. SISKO 2: I think it was. (They kiss. The alien Jennifer tries kissing her fingers to find outwhat is going on.) SISKO: As corporeal entities, humans find physical touch to causepleasure. JENNIFER: Pleasure? What is this? SISKO: Good feelings, happiness

CONN OFFICER: Your linear nature is inherentlydestructive. OPS OFFICER: You have no regard for the consequences of your acts. SISKO: That's not true. We're aware that every choice we make has aconsequence. CAPTAIN: But you claim you do not know what it will be. SISKO: We don't.

JAKE: Then how can you take responsibility for youractions? SISKO: We use past experience to help guide us. For Jennifer and me,all the experiences in our lives prepared us for the day we met on thebeach, helped us recognize that we had a future together. When wemarried, we accepted all the consequences of that act, whatever theymight be, including the consequences of you. JAKE: Me? SISKO: My son, Jake. 041b061a72


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