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Buy Business Card Scanner 2021

Plustek presents the ultimate solution to storing business cards before they become lost; the MobileOffice S602B. Manage, organize and search your business card, also, directly sync your contacts to Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook 2016/2019/365.

buy business card scanner

Business card scanner apps are a great way to enhance your networking efforts. You can quickly and easily scan information from business cards and upload it to your phone, so you never run the risk of losing or misplacing important contacts.

Many business card scanner apps offer a free plan. Some apps also come with a paid tier that unlocks additional features, like unlimited contacts and an ad-free app. Paid business card scanner apps typically cost somewhere between $30 and $100 per year.

Before Popl, the accepted way to exchange info with someone was to hand them a paper business card or give them your phone to manually type info in. As curious entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity here to use technology instead of paper to create a new way for humans to connect with one another...

A huge part of our culture at Popl is focusing on sustainable solutions that help the environment. Popl uses technology instead of wasteful paper to connect professionals, saving forests around the world. Goodbye paper business cards, hello Popl.Go Green With Us >

No, Popl does not require a monthly subscription in order to use and benefit from Popl products. We do have Popl Pro and Popl Teams but those are for additional business features and are completely optional

Using the Popl app or Popl Teams, you can set up your digital business card for free right now. Once you create your digital business card, you can use your in-app QR code to start sharing immediately.If you purchase a Popl product, as soon as you receive it in the mail you will activate the device to your digital business card and all of your info will connect.

Yes! You can activate an unlimited number of products to your single digital business card. Many of our customers have a Popl tag on their phone, a card in their wallet and a keychain on their keys Shop all products here: All Products

Save space and time while managing your business cards. With its USB connection and compact footprint, this scanner is the ideal portable business card solution. No matter what mobile means to you, the Ambir PS667 can handle it.

Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook makes growing your contact list simple and easy. Scan your business card in just seconds, and the information will be imported directly into your Outlook address book.

Another factor affecting the results is image quality. The camera tool in many of these apps automatically enhances the image of a scanned business card (e.g., brightening it and straightening its alignment) to help produce better scan results through its OCR. Nevertheless, you should snap photos of the business cards in a well-lit setting.

We tested four business card scanning apps with versions for both Android and iOS. They are among the most downloaded and highly rated in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With them, we scanned a variety of nine business cards: some with minimalist designs, some with more elaborate designs, and some with languages on them other than English (German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish).

If you want to store your scanned data in the cloud for easy access from any device, you need to sign up for a free ABBYY Cloud account. Contact info from scanned cards can also be exported as a VCF file (a.k.a. vCard format), and you can send an email with your own vCard attached with a few quick taps.

The free version of ABBYY is ad-supported and lets you scan and save information for up to 10 business cards only. Upgrading to a Premium account gives you unlimited card scanning, automatic backup, no ads, and the ability to export your data to Microsoft Excel (in CSV format) or Salesforce CRM. You can alternatively purchase options such as ad removal or CSV export à la carte.

You can scan up to 500 cards with the free version of CamCard. With a premium account you get unlimited scans, no ads, and the ability to export contact info from your scanned cards to Salesforce, Google Contacts, or Outlook. Business plans include shared contacts, task assignments, integration with other CRMs, and other admin tools.

For some reason, CamCard didn't acknowledge the city, state and ZIP code that were clearly printed on one business card, but it recognized and transcribed the full address on another card. Its OCR made some mistakes extracting from the German business card, and it didn't recognize several Simplified Chinese characters. But for the other cards, its accuracy was close to ABBYY's.

ScanBizCards supports 23 languages, but not Simplified Chinese. The camera tool lacks a targeting graphic in its viewfinder to indicate if your business card is within focus or frame. You just aim and tap to snap a photo. Like CamCard, it does offer a convenient batch-scanning option.

Compared to the other three apps we tested, ScanBizCards made the most mistakes. It failed to transcribe correctly or recognize addresses and phone numbers on three of the business cards. In particular, its OCR struggled with email addresses and website URLs.

This app is designed to let you scan several business cards at once. You can take a single photo of up to 10 cards, and from that, Wantedly People extracts contact info from each one. (See the results below for how successful it was in our tests.)

If a business card you want to scan isn't in English and you don't care about saving website URLs, give Wantedly People a try. Just don't expect its ability to scan more than one business card in a photo to work as accurately as it does with a photo of a single card.

To keep any scanner operating properly, certain maintenance should be performed at different stages in the life of the product. Our Customer Service Department is here to help if you have questions. If you know already know what you are looking for, you can find the parts, accessories, and replacement DVDs right here.

Business card readers are apps on your smartphone that allow you to scan business card information by taking a photo of the card on your device. After the photo is taken, the application automatically identifies the relevant contact information using OCR technology and stores it in the address book on your device.

A complete business card scanning package includes both a physical scanner that can plug into your work computer and a phone app that allows you to take pictures of cards on the go, as well as robust software that connects to your CRM system and has the ability to export contacts to social media.

Use this comparison table to discover the technical specifications of both versions of these portable USB scanners. See their different features at a glance and choose the one that suits you best.

Business cards are typically handed out at meetings, then often misplaced or lost. Sales professionals need a way to quickly capture information from these cards, freeing them to focus on more important tasks. Scanning business cards is particularly useful when on the go, at conferences, or at offsite meetings.

Business cards can be scanned via mobile or web. The scanner will analyze the card for relevant information and automatically update respective fields in the system. The feature also offers configuration, allowing users to select alternative fields to populate.

However, when you go Googling for the best business card scanner app (like you might have just done), you will find a lot of different apps and it can be very hard to find the one that meets your needs.

Click the little Google Lens icon (same as the one in the screenshot above, indicated with the red arrow), scan the business card, and then click the little contact chip to add a contact to your Google Contacts.

Like I said above: click the little Google Lens icon (same as the one in the screenshot above, indicated with the red arrow), scan the business card, and then click the little contact chip to add a contact to your Google Contacts.

Designed only for business card scanning, this option comes in a square design and weighs just six ounces. You can use it with both Mac and Windows systems and sync contact details with apps and cloud services.

Available for iOS and Android, Knowee transforms paper cards into interactive, virtual ones. Phone calls, emails, and map locations are all easy to interact with, requiring just the tap of your finger or the click of a mouse. Almost like a preview to a LinkedIn page, cards can be shared on social media to inform your clients and prospects of the best ways to reach you.

This is because, by the default, the scanner sets itself to a non-visible state. System customisers will, therefore, need to go onto the appropriate forms within the classic interface and set it to visible for it to start rendering correctly:

A strange issue I came across when running the scanner the first time was when I received a No capacity available, please check with your administrator error. Fortunately, there is a way around this for now, which involves setting up a free trial to the premium AI Builder features for your tenant. The following post on the Dynamics Communities site outlines the issue and solution in detail. Fortunately, it looks like Microsoft are targeting a fix for this over this weekend (26th/28th October 2019), so hopefully, this will not remain a problem for much longer.

ABBYY, a leading global provider of technologies and solutions to action information, today announced the launch of the cloud-based web client for ABBYY Business Card Reader available at The new web version gives iOS and Android users access to their digitized contacts on a computer, in addition to a smartphone, tablet and Apple Watch. Due to the cross-platform synchronization, business cards digitized using the mobile app are instantly uploaded to the cloud storage, which is encrypted and protected to guarantee user security and privacy. 041b061a72


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