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The Angoor Movie Download In Hindi Kickass

The Angoor Movie in Hindi Kickass

Angoor is a classic Hindi comedy movie directed by Gulzar and released in 1982. It is based on Shakespeare's play The Comedy of Errors and features two pairs of identical twins (Sanjeev Kumar & Deven Verma) who are separated at birth and reunite after many years, leading to hilarious confusion and chaos. The movie is widely regarded as one of the best comedies in Indian cinema and has a cult following among the fans of Gulzar and Sanjeev Kumar.

the Angoor movie download in hindi kickass

The movie has a simple plot but a brilliant screenplay that makes use of witty dialogues, slapstick humor, and situational comedy. The movie also has a stellar cast that includes Aruna Irani, Dipti Naval, Utpal Dutt, Deven Verma, and Moushumi Chatterjee. The movie also has a memorable music score by R. D. Burman, who composed some catchy songs like Pritam Aan Milo, Roz Roz Dali Dali, and Meri Pyari Bindu.

The movie was a moderate success at the box office but received critical acclaim and won several awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian for Deven Verma. The movie has been remade in several languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. The movie is also available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

If you are looking for a kickass comedy movie in Hindi, then you should definitely watch Angoor. It is a timeless classic that will make you laugh out loud and enjoy the genius of Gulzar and Sanjeev Kumar.


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