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Leonardo Bennett

Download Adobe Pdf Ifilter 9 For 32-bit 23 __HOT__

IFilter to Windows Indexing service are added back Reader XI. IFilters are available even with the latest updates of Reader X (were added abck in 10.1). These are 32-bit ifilters and only works on 32-bit plaforms.

download adobe pdf ifilter 9 for 32-bit 23

I am also having the same issue. It is SQL Server 2008 32-bit though. The suggestion above tells me to set the path(even though it said for 64 bit, i still tried this out of desperation). There is no bin folder in adobe filter installation so i just used "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\" to set the system PATH where AcroRdIF.dll is installed. (Note that I also tried FoxIt, the Adobe iFilter itself). They all behave the same. I can see the PDF in the doc type list. I am positive that there is a word that I am looking.

4. I have downloaded from the PDF IFilter 6.0 (Adobe Reader X didnt work for me after days of trying - even though the filter is integrated there - i have to use the stand alone iFilter verson 6-Thanks JSG080 for the Adobe version idea). Install it.

Download the Adobe PDF iFilter ( =2611). Starting after Adobe 6.0, 32-bit servers only require that you install Adobe Reader to get the iFilter. But for 64-bit servers, you need a different download: =4025. 350c69d7ab


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