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Sivapuram Tamil Movie Free 22

Sivapuram Tamil Movie Free 22: A Review

Sivapuram is a 2016 Tamil horror thriller movie directed by Santosh Sivan and starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Kavya Madhavan, and Manoj K. Jayan. The movie is a remake of the 2009 Malayalam movie Ananthabhadram, which was also directed by Santosh Sivan. The movie is available for free streaming on Zee5.

The movie revolves around Sivan (Prithviraj), a widower who arrives at Sivapuram village looking for a job. He has a small daughter whom he leaves in the care of a nursery teacher, Malathi (Kavya), while he is at work. Sivan however falls in love with Malathi soon, as he finds quite a few similarities between her and his late wife. However, Sivapuram is a village where black magic and evil spirits are prevalent, and Sivan soon finds himself in the middle of a supernatural conflict between the benevolent Digambaran (Manoj) and the malevolent Chemban (Biju Menon).

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The movie is a visual treat, as Santosh Sivan showcases his skills as a cinematographer and director. The movie has a rich color palette, stunning shots of nature, and impressive special effects. The movie also has a haunting background score by M.G. Sreekumar, which adds to the atmosphere of the movie. The movie also has some well-choreographed action sequences and some scary moments that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

The movie also has some good performances by the lead actors. Prithviraj delivers a convincing performance as the protagonist who is torn between his love and his duty. Kavya Madhavan is charming and graceful as the love interest of Prithviraj. Manoj K. Jayan is menacing and charismatic as the antagonist who wants to unleash the dark forces of Sivapuram. Biju Menon is also effective as the henchman of Manoj.

The movie, however, has some drawbacks as well. The movie is a faithful remake of the Malayalam original, which means that it does not offer anything new or innovative to the viewers who have seen the original. The movie also has some clichés and stereotypes that are common in horror movies, such as jump scares, possessed people, and evil rituals. The movie also has some logical loopholes and plot holes that might confuse or annoy some viewers.

Overall, Sivapuram is a decent horror thriller movie that offers some entertainment and thrills to the viewers who are looking for a free watch on Zee5. The movie has some good visuals, music, and performances, but it also has some flaws that might hamper its appeal to some viewers. The movie is rated 22+ for its violence, gore, and horror elements.


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