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Leonardo Bennett

Maxto Serial

If you choose Serial number, MaxTo will attempt to read the serial number from the monitor.The serial number is globally unique (in most cases, see note below), which means MaxTo will beable to detect the monitor no matter how it is connected or what settings it has. If the monitordoes not report a serial number, MaxTo will fall back to using properties to identify that monitor.

Maxto Serial

The serial number is an ideal candidate for this. When implemented correctly (and believe it or not, somemonitors share serial numbers) this works quite well. Unless the monitor does not report its serial numberto Windows. And that happens quite regularly.

So our "midway" solution was added. By combining the properties of a monitor (e.g. its resolution, DPI,which card it is connected to, etc.) we were able to construct a semi-unique identifier. This is our fallback,either in cases where we cannot find the serial number, or when you want to use it.

Install MaxToBlender_v3.2 ///// (Open) 3ds Max ///// (Top bar) Scripting/////Open Script///// Select the file /////change Language to Pyton///// Paste your code/////Press Enter////// Copy last code in the Activate serial area.

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